Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for visitors apply to all that visit this website.

1. Management

This website is controlled by MTC. Contact information van be found on this site.

2. Visitor information

  1. Some information coming from one or more visits to this site will be saved permanently, but anonymous. They will never lead to one person or organization. MTC will securely maintain all saved data.
  2. MTC can use this customer information for mailing purposes
  3. A limited amount of massages can be sent whenever it is newsworthy and can contribute to a more successful website for you as a visitor.

3. Cookies

  1. This website uses cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of this site. Cookies are small text files place by the site on the computer of the visitor in order to accommodate the preferences of this visitor. In this way MTC will be able to give even better service the next time the customer visits this site.
  2. The visitor can determine himself how to handle cookies. He can adjust his browser so it does not or partially allow the use of cookies.
  3. Cookies can always be removed from a computer through the browser.

4. Questions

Visitor can always contact MTC with their questions on this Privacy Policy. Contact information is mentioned on the website in Chapter 1 Management.

5. Changes

MTC is allowed to change the Privacy Policy without notifying the visitors. Applying these changes to the site is sufficient.